Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall semester

Well the new semester has started and you can't blame me for not writing here often since I really have classes to attend, buttload of universities to choose to spend my next few years in, and multiple menial and pointless problems to worry about. Life is busy.

Plus, I don't have much of a life anyways. Most of the time after college, I'll just go home and blaze up and spend the rest of the day watching movies and cat videos, or even people sitting on toilets, laughing till my stomach hurts. And if I already have dirty hair, I'll throw in a workout after that. So, my life is obviously pretty boring.

Well, toodles for now. I have stalkers to avoid and differential equations to worry about.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Been feeling so damn lazy recently. It's horrible being a girl honestly. Periods, mood swings, pain everywhere, its like God was hurt really bad by his ex and hate females with a burning vengeance.

So I'm still on holiday at least. Been lazing around at home watching back to back pretty little liars episodes. I noticed my standard of English deteriorated so fervently that I can't even string proper sentences without the help of Google and auto-correct. Technology is a Godsend. Going to sit for TOEFL in a few weeks hopefully and with my current standard I don't think I will get a good score see. Thus, the increase in my writing frequency here.

Since nobody ever reads this blog its like I could type whatever shit I wanted to. I could talk about my farts even. Which, I think its a girl thing, girl farts are all usually crazy silent, like, if we were in a quiet room, you'll be able to hear a pin drop before hearing me fart. Though, apparently, girl farts are usually way smellier, which well, make sense. Silent killers.

I've been reading around Beauty blogs in Malaysia and OMG I kid you not the standard of English in my country is way low. Or maybe its due to the fact that beauty bloggers are prettier than the average person, therefore have less brain cells and are bimbos. Or maybe they use too much beauty products such as hair dye and the dye actually seeps into their brains via diffusion and thus, damaging their brain and lowering the standard of English. Or you know, pretty people usually get their way anyways and they don't need to use their brains much thus it shrank and became a lump of tofu. Just a theory.

Just Google some beauty products and add in Malaysia at the end of your search query and be amazed.

I'm still watching Pretty Little Liars. Four more days to the end of my holidays. Don't think I have enough time to finish Season 3 and 4.

Jimmy Fallon is pretty funny, I don't know why people hate him so. OKAY, maybe he's not that funny, but he's really sporting and not that bad as a host. I've seen worst hosts. Hey, he doesn't mind getting drunk, wet, and generally do embarrassing stuff on national television. I don't see many people ego less enough to do that honestly.

And I'm rambling.

I'm so bored. But somehow the idea of term starting next week makes me really depressed. Like, I rather be sad and bored and over think alone at home for 2 months rather than go meet people in college and go to lectures and make small talk. I have severe social anxiety I guess.

I have a really sad sad life see.

The Bucket List

Found this article somewhere and I'm copying it to paste here.

Last year a man’s life came to an end.
As the man was lifted to the heavens, St. Peter met him at the pearly white gates and said, “You’ve been a good, honest man… so you’ve made the cut for Heaven.  And just so you know, Heaven is freaking sweet.  There’s everything you could hope for… all the food you want without gaining any weight, all the games you want to play and adventures you want to go on and awesome people to hang out with all day long.
There’s only one rule…”St Peter then points behind him to a shiny, red door with gold trim and says, “You must NOT go through that door… regardless of what the circumstances are.  NEVER go in there.  Okay?”
The man says, ‘Okay.’ And makes his way through the gates into heaven.
For the first month he’s having a blast… eating great food and hanging out with amazing people.  But after a few weeks… he gets curious.  “What could possibly be behind that door he wonders?”
Then one day… he found the door open.
He looked over his shoulders and no one was looking.. so he crept in.
When he gets inside he sees this MASSIVE warehouse of boxes that are stacked to the ceiling like a Costco building.  There are endless rows and rows and rows of them.   And as he’s walking down the rows, he noticed each box has a name attached to it.
His pace speeds up as he starts searching for where his own box is.  After 45 minutes of searching, he finds his box on the third shelf.  He reaches up to grab it and brings it down to the ground with him.
The man is standing over the box on the floor in front of him with anticipation… “What could possibly be in here!?!” he wonders.
All of the sudden, he feels a tap on his left shoulder…
It’s St. Peter.
St. Peter asks “What do you think you’re doing?  I asked you NOT to go in here.”
The man apologizes and says, “I’m so sorry… the door was open and I just couldn’t help myself.  And then I found my box and got so curious as to what it could be… would you mind telling me what’s in here?”
St. Peter quietly tells him, “What’s in that box is every experience you COULD have had on earth if you were only bold enough to ask for it.  Every relationship you could have built.  Every adventure you could have went on.  Every country you could have traveled to.  Every moment that you could have spent doing what you love.”
Therefore. I'm going to open that box alright. Hoping its going to be as tiny as possible. If possible, I'm gonna make it empty. Hence, My Bucket List.

1. Float around in space
2. Bungee Jumping
3. Sky Diving
4. Be an extra in a Hollywood movie
5. Rave at Tomorrowland (preferably Belgium)
6. Backpack around Europe
  • Drink beer in Dublin, Ireland on St. Patrick Day
  • Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  • Walk at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris
  • Parthenon, Greece
  • Light a Joint, Red Light District, Amsterdam
  • Attend a Manchester United football match in Great Britain
  • Pompeii, Vienna, Italy
7. Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (like in Rio)
8. Climb a mountain
9. Dance in Rio Carnival Parade, Brasil
10. Go on a cruise ship from one country to another
11. Start a Successful Blog 
12. Become proficient in Adobe Photoshop and become a photographer (for real)
13. Write and record a song
14. Drive a Ferrari on an autobahn
15. Own a Volkswagen Beetle
16. Learn how to play guitar good enough to perform a gig
17. Learn how to dance good enough to dance on stage 
18. Fly a helicopter, an airplane, a Fighter Jet
19. Run a full marathon of 26 miles
20. Road trip from LA to NYC, visit NYC ( Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, Time Square, Broadway, NYC subway, Wall Street, Central Park, Statue of Liberty )
21. Viva Las Vegas
22. Learn a Foreign Language
23. Surf on the Gold Coast, Australia
24. Go to Church
25. Get a kick ass tattoo or piercing
26. Skiing 
27. Watch snow fall, build a snowman
28. Fight for a cause that I support, go to a rally/ parade/ mob
29. Learn how to fire a gun
30. Swim with dolphins
31. Go to DisneyWorld
32. Have children, kids
33. Camp out outside a shop waiting for a sale, iphone to release, whatever.

Sunday, August 10, 2014



I've just watch this really cool movie named Her, and you should honestly watch it too, its good. So its about the relationship of this guy named Theodore with his operating system. Yea, you read it correct, his OS. Which, although sounds crazy freaky, like woah this is going to be the start of some crazy kinky kind of computer love, but no its more like an emotional bond kind of thing, which is kinda lovely and sweet.

Honestly I won't mind dating an OS. Its difficult with humans sometimes. 

Pros of dating an OS:

(1) No need for personal hygiene
      Since your significant other is literally a computer, he/she doesn't really have a sense of smell, so you could totally stink up the entire place and he/she won't give you shit about it. Farting? Not a problem, heck you could totally be a hobo and have no contact with a brush for your entire life and your significant other will still love you. The beauty industry will totally crumble and collapse. OMG you could weigh 800 pounds even and have a closet consisting of solely pajamas and he/she will still love you.

(2) No need to bring him/her on dates
      Think of the amount of money you get to save. No need for flowers, champagne, petrol, new clothes, dinner or heck even condoms. Plus even if you feel like it and you go ahead and dress up, buy flowers and go on a date with your OS, you get to keep everything at the end of the date, like, if you get chocolate and flowers, you could just show them to your OS and he/she would be all touched and you could finish up the champagne.

(3) Constant increase of knowledge
      Well, OS is constantly connected to the Internet, so talking to him/her would be like reading a book. And you could talk to him/her about all kinds of shit and him/her would have some form of knowledge about it, or heck he/she could make an immediate search in a 12/10000 of a second and come back with 1,938,303,293 results of what you were saying. Which is extremely useful as when you actually talk to humans, you seem like a crazy genius.

(4) Totally personalized significant other
      There will be totally no need to answer the "Do I look fat in this?" question anymore. You could make your OS wear bikinis whole year round and he/she can't do shit about it. Plus, since the OS doesn't have a personality of its own, it builds its personality on you, therefore, it creates the perfect partner for you. 

(5) When him/her gets annoying, you can just shut him/her off

(6) Significant other gets to be with you anytime, anywhere
       Feeling lonely? Turn on your phone "Hello, Sweetheart". Walking on the street? "Baby, I love you." In a boring meeting? "Uh Uh Baby" So yea. Never will you feel lonely. Ever. Like eating alone in restaurants would be the norm by then.

(7) Soulmate

Yeap. And the few cons would be the lack of a physical body, but oh well, scientist are always inventing stuff. Oh and it you won't be able to have kids I guess, but see gay rights are a thing now and they even can get married and all that, so I don't see it a reason in the future for an OS relationship to have that kind of rights actually.\

Friday, August 8, 2014

Writing more before term starts

Hey, so i woke up today feeling very creative and smart, so I decided to write a bit since I'm free anyway. Well not really very free I do have piano lessons at 12.

Which makes me want to rant. I have had piano lessons since I was 4 years old and now I'm already 19 and yet I still need to continue with it, what a waste of a good weekend. Plus, I'm not allowed to drive so my parents or my brother would always need to drive me there and although they don't complaint out loud, I can still sense the crazy, loud, bitch mental shout in their brains for needing to ferry me around. 

I should be practicing my piano. Or not one hour of class would turn out to be one hour of mad scolding from my teacher. Well, typing, in some way, trains the finger muscles, I bet, that's why people get carpal right. 

And I downloaded Tinder. Was reading 9gag, and it seems fun. For people living under a rock, Tinder would be some dating app where you get to label people if they are Hot or Not, which is perfect cause its an app that is supposed to let you judge people. So when two people Hot each other, you can make contact and start talking.

 So while I don't really need Tinder (I do have a relationship, kind of, I'm not too pathetic),I downloaded it anyway. "Why?" you ask, "Do you like to hook 20 guys around?" "You whore". Well calm your mammary glands people. Well, in real life, its not like we have a chance to choose who you are friends with. You just happen to make friends with whoever that happen to be there. For example, first day of school, you usually make small talk with whoever you are sitting with that day, and that person would turn out to be your BFF for the rest of the term. And if they are crazy bitchy, well too bad for you everyone else is taken.

So that'll be cool, gonna spend the whole day today playing with Tinder I guess. Choosing a profile pic should take 3 hours at the least. OOOH over time I'll be hanging out with an army of crazy hot guys. Like to be my friend you should have at least, beautiful eyes, good control of your hair, strong jawline, and 6 pack abs. Nah I'm kidding. That person would immediately rise in rank and become my boyfriends instead of mere friend.


Honestly I think I have a pretty decent singing voice. Maybe when I go to the States I shall try out American Idol. Since the judges are now J.LO, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. , I really do think I have a chance to at least get a Golden Ticket.

I haven't gone to piano yet, nor practiced anything. So gonna get nagged at. Blegh. Well, at least I have sang the entire song list of Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder on You tube and have not been yelled at by my brother or neighbors , so, I guess I've got that going on for me. 


So would you rather have crazy toxic friends that suck your life away than have no friends at all?

Well I know that my topics are all kind of crazy depressing but nothing really interesting happens in my life; plus I suck at telling stories, or that's what my friend tells me. 

Its like the Thomas Theorem where it states that " if men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences." Sorry to get all academic, but it's like the behavior of one person is determined by his or her perception of the situation you're in. So since my friend told me all the time that I suck at telling stories, over time, I do believe that I suck at telling stories, and eventually stop telling stories. 

10 Signs Your Friend is Toxic 

So there is this article that I read, that talks about toxic friends, and well, found out toxicity is actually a two way street, so in some ways, I am a bitch too. So if i don't call somebody, I do in fact, expect people to make the first move and call me first, but apparently its toxic behavior cause it causes people to wither away. 

Maybe I should open up more. See I barely talk to anybody, like, nothing real and from the heart. Since nighttime is the time where the real persona surfaces in people and where fake faces drop off. And, well I can never hangout at night and mornings people really aren't willing to hangout much see.

I make a lot of excuses for myself. However I don't think I'm much different from the various lurker of the deep Internet. I'm a lurker too, and yes I've been to some dark parts of the Internet, it really scars you forever.

Alright maybe I'm all grumpy cause I'm crazy hungry and my parents aren't at home yet to feed me. And maybe I'm PMSey, cause well, its kind time of the month. OMG I HATE LIFE. I'm like the ultimate grumpy cat. But I'm human, if I'm a cat I would earn millions, just like that cat.