Wednesday, July 9, 2014


As you know, I'm currently 19 and still in college.

Which really sucks. 

Well congrats to you people who think college is the best 4 years of your life but for me college is kind of horrible. 

I live with my parents, who enforce serious curfews, live off the meager sum of allowance from my parents, I don't have a car nor many friends, which is kind of my fault.

Most of my spare time spent in college is due to me waiting for my dad to pick me up when he finishes work, and since I don't have a personal laptop, I would be hanging out in the library, which for whatever reason, smells like sweat and feet, doing my assignments on the public computers there, while trying to evade my neighbor from the next computer judging my music choices, or TV shows I am watching.

Recently have been really attracted to the hippie culture. Would actually REALLY LOVE doing something worthwhile and what I really want. Since I have been under my parents roof the whole time, literally everything I do is to please them. 

Spotify is a god send. Been listening to indie songs this whole week, which  for whatever reason, can really make me concentrate when I'm studying. It has this really laid back feel which is awesome for studying and yet it's upbeat enough to sing and dance to. Unlike headbanging rave music, which I DO in fact listen to, totally kills the study vibe and make me go crazy hyped up instead.
Loving Arctic Monkey, Lorde, Bastille, Vampire Weekend, and whatever artist that Spotify recommends me.
I'm still new to this entire genre of music, so haven't really went through many songs. BUT SHIT THIS GENRE IS AWESOME.

Also went and read hipster lifestyle blogs and heck would REALLY REALLY LOVE A LIFESTYLE LIKE THAT. As far as all the information I can garner, basically you just travel around, backpacking, wearing whatever shit you like, not bathing, smoking up, reading, dancing, campaigning for whatever that moves you, and go to festivals. WHO WOULDN'T WANT A LIFESTYLE LIKE THAT?


Basically, its a legit reason to be as lazy as you want, and do anything you want. I honestly don't mind being crazy frugal and eating ketchup or mustard on fries for like a whole year. Being on a tight allowance your whole life trains you to be crazy frugal, and being Asian, with mad high metabolism rate, and eating Asian food my whole life, I would live on pizza and fries and burger my whole life and won't even mind. 

Heck hipster fashion is damn rad anyways. Flowered headbands are so gorgeous. And hipster girls are gorgeous too, they have this natural glow which makes them look like goddesses with the long skirt and 10,000 piercings and accessories that they wear.

So freakishly gorgeous. Would totally wear this if I had the money. Overalls ain't cheap where I live, I checked, its like 80 bucks here. 

And yea I'm pretty hipster, my fave coffee shop ain't Starbucks yo. 

And I use an Acer instead of a Mac. 

Peace :):)