Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It has been nearly a year since I left the doorstep of my house, my home.

And I think it is time that I go home.

Confession time. I am starting to forget the faces of my parents, the parents that brought me into this world and raised me, the parents who paid for my ludicrous tuition fees in this university.

Most importantly, I forgotten how my own brother looked like. Even though the likeness of him stares back at me every single time I look into a mirror.

True, I do Skype them nearly every week (not my brother though). But today, I was clearing out old stuff on my laptop, and I came across photos of my family that I took before I left for the States. And, regretfully, I, experience some kind of deja vu vibe, like the faces of my family seem familiar to me, but not really. 

Which motivated me to write this blog post. 


I bought air tickets to go home. Even though they cost a fortune, I'll earn everything back one day. I can't forget my family. They are everything. 

So I'm going home. Like finally.