Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines y all


Usually I only update here to complaint and rant about stuff that doesn't satisfy me in life. Cause well. I'm a first world kid. No shit, I'm allergic to dust, and metal, which means I will never ever vacuum or clean the house in my entire life and I shall be wearing sterling silver or pure gold jewellery only. Because anything less than pure gold and I'll start itching.

I know right! I constantly amaze myself at how weak I am too!

Right. Valentines. Oh yeah didn't expected that right you guys. Betcha expected me to stay at home ALL BY MYSELF~ gorging on leftover CNY cookies and milk and complaining about life to my dog who I think hates me cause she's constantly running away from me and I only thought cats did that but nooooo. She's such a bitch. To think I spend like RM 80 to groom her fur and all when I don't even spend that kind of money in grooming myself. Love sucks, you give and don't receive.

OH YEA. VALENTINES. Anyway started of kind of bad as he was late by like an hour due to crazy jam which was true he ain't lying to get away from me, I saw the jam with my own eyes.

Went to every single restaurant but all of them had like mad queues to get in so we just settled to eat cheap char chan teng food, which heck wasn't romantic at all. I mean there was a gay couple in the table next to ours and because it was so packed they were literally one feet away from us I could reach out my hand and touch their food plus hearing other peoples conversation isn't that pleasant too.

BUT WHO CARES. Had fun anyway. And I byotch up his plans too he had this elaborate plan to go to various places after dinner but dinner itself already took 3 hours, plus driving time in the jam, I would say it was a 4 hour date. BUT heck it was fun, talked the entire time didn't even noticed time flying thus spent the entire night at the char chan teng eating ramen noodles and broccoli. Seriously. I wanted to eat ramen noodles so I ordered it for Valentines. This is how I roll yo.

I'm not that high maintenance after all. You just need to feed me ramen noodles. On a date. Didn't even order some fancy appetizer and stuff. Which damn he was paying, WHY DIDN'T I?

So, there was a handmade card involved too. AINT THAT SWEET. Handmade ya know. And it popped out. ARGH SO CUTE. He was like so embarrassed cause he said it was all pink and shizz and he wrote stuff in with a pencil. Okay. But still it made me go AW.

THATS ALL. Needed to record it down actually. There's another chapter to the story like how I got caught sneaking out by my mum and endured some heavy questioning, and she totally smelled me and said I smelled like beer and smoke. Which. Yea.
Oh and there's an extra guest at my house. Saw extra pair of shoes at my door. AND my brother's room is locked. *raise eyebrows *wink *raise eyebrows again at bro cause them shoes are a size 46 flip flops and they look like guy slippers.

Okay bro.

BYE! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014



Always had a problem spelling the word friends when I was a kid, always mixing up the E and the I. Always believed that because I couldn't spell it I ll be cursed to have to friends. (its a Chinese thing where when you scold people in insults, one of them would be like, "you asshole, don't you know how to write the word friends? " it means like you suck at being a friend and would often be used in arguments between friends).

So just read this article that appeared on my Facebook timeline. Its a Thought Catalogue article that writes about stuff girls do together. Kind of got me thinking who's actually my real friends and which group of friends would actually last.

See I had a bunch of tight knit friends in high school where we would do everything together like skipping a few classes to run to Starbucks for a coffee, stay back in school just to talk, lunch breaks spent on finding the best restaurants, and studying for tests together, well all these happen when we were poor students with no cars and no cool smart phones with just plenty of time on hand. Swear we would take a bus everywhere and we wouldn't find it a hassle.

But somehow now, I'm in college now and I'm not living in a dorm as its just college and its like 2 bus rides from my house. I ain't got any car, which means travelling around to visit friends is a problem, but heck I've got a cool phone now that can Whatsapp and all. Thing is, between friends, sooner or later, they'll stop texting each other because they'll think the other persons busy and don't want to be disturbing and in time, the memory of friendship fades and you will just forget each other and end up being just acquaintances.

That's effingly sad.

Which brings me to this. Which group of friends will actually last you a lifetime?

I've googled it and google says NONE.

Then what's the point in making friends as in the long run they're going to leave you and cause you tons of heartache?

Apparently, personality of people changes overtime as nobody can be together forever. Living proof see, you go to college or university or work and you'll have to leave your group of friends anyway and over time you lose them.
Eventually you'll get married and be swamped in a sea of baby diapers and all and won't have time for friends.

So after thinking long and hard I've came to a conclusion that you should find your best friends in your neighbours. Distance won't be a problem. And you'll always be forced to see them. And you can do any crazy stuff whenever you want, heck even if its 3am in the morning and it'll be okay. Your parents will know each other and won't give each other grief for coming home late of skipping curfew or drinking and all that.

Ain't it perfect.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hey I'm back again.

Anyways, follow me on Dayre if you're interested in daily updates I guess. I have too much thoughts in my brain that seriously one blog ain't enough to contain them. Oh and like what I ranted, the blogger app sucks so difficult to use its just easier to open another blog and just crap there.

Well College. Should be a dream come true for most people that my parents actually pays for my college tuition fees fully and I myself don't even have to pay a damn cent. Which has it pros and cons see, I don't appreciate going to college now. Being totally truthful and honest to myself I rather drop out of college for a year or so and maybe have a job flipping burgers or selling shoes. Not that I don't want an education, just that I don't think I want to study right now. Because my sole motivation of going to college is the fact that I have to. Its such a chore.

The thought of going to college actually repulses me so much I rather go and flip burgers. Maybe my brain is going bonkers. But swear, the chore of waking up early in the morning, and typing out lab reports that I have no idea what they are actually about and figuring out what I'm supposed to do in lab, and homework, and hours and hours of endless classes which heck bore me like crazy at the end of the day I'm essentially brain dead as brain cannot process the huge amount of unknown info in my head invading like a frigging virus that by 6pm, all I can say is just ARGH, ERM, EHHH, BLAHH, and FUDGE. I've turned into a zombie.

Oh and the fact that I have totally limited amount of friends contribute too. But not much as my timetable is so full its impossible to make small talk anyways. And during class everybody is frigging quiet and taking notes and nobody ever talks its like the lecturer is sprouting gold nuggets from his mouth. Which in a sense, yea, gold nuggets of wisdom. Whatever.

Contemplating whether I should differ a year of college just to go flip some burgers and get my act together. See by just typing this blog post I have wasted 10 minutes I could use on studying some statics stuff. God, I'm so stressed right now. And it ain't even test season. Heck it ain't even quiz season. Maybe because my lecturer is freakishly scary. Swear that dude has tiniest eyes and a moustache and he kind of looks like them ancient Japanese Samurai that kill you in your sleep. Doesn't help that he's totally good in Maths. Am totally intimidated by people who are good in maths. I mean, who wouldn't does people are geniuses, they totally have the potential to become pedo serial killers.

Bye. Gonna go slave over lab reports and homework and what not.