Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Night Thoughts


Its like 12am right now in Kota Kinabalu where I currently am residing at my aunt's house.

Been spending my last few weeks in Malaysia in a daze. Endless shopping and preparing and spending as much time as possible with the BF before I leave.

Well. Am gonna write here to clear my conscience a tad bit as I feel kinda guilty and shitty about myself these few days.

Yeap. I have indeed bitched quite a bit about my parents to my relatives right here. Which made me feel pretty darn guilty as bitching to relatives are way more harmful than bitching to friends.

How so?

This is because relatives kinda know your parents since forever and have this great impression about them and bitching about your parents to them is way more hurtful as it totally ruins the good impression of your relatives towards your parents. With friends however, it doesn't really matter as they will always stand by you against your parents as well as the fact that they barely hang out with your parents.

And of course there is the greater risk of them repeating what you just said right back at your parents and your parents would come and whoop your ass.

Just because of that last fact, I have just spent nearly 3 hours sitting in the living room in front of a TV program that I have zero interest in, entertaining a hyperactive 3 year old, just to eavesdrop on what my aunts are talking about to my mom. Just to make sure it doesn't get back to her.

I'm such a retard sometimes. Caffeine makes me lose the ability to control my mouth. Just a few cups of tea this afternoon and I spill all kinds of gossip and secrets to my aunts due to being overexcited.

Alright about my trip here.

I did not bring my camera and my phone pics are totally shitty. I love photography but just sometimes I'm too darn lazy to take photographs. Hey, editing and uploading and just the act of taking photograph is way tiring. Usually, to take a photograph, it requires the patience of the entire group of people you are with, to pause in walking to wait for you to take photographs, or to pose for a photograph, or to take a photograph of you. The worse would be food photography, where a whole group of hungry humans have to wait an extra few minutes to eat their long awaited food and you stop them all just to take a photo, choose an appropriate filter, and retake until the angle is satisfactory or what not. Its like being a Marty in a jungle of Alexes. Madagascar reference. Sorry. Have been hanging out tons with little kids these few days.

Right. My trip.

So we did not do any sight-seeing whatsoever. Most of the trip is spent on eating and defecating and long ass car rides. Aunts here brought us to eat every single food item in KK, or at least, what I felt I have eaten these few days is the food of all of KK. My food pics would be totally awesome, if I were brave enough to take some. The seafood here is amazeballs humans. Dem prawns are the size of my palm and are so frigging fresh they may just come back to life at any moment. (My metaphors are crap sorry). And we have been eating all kinds of variation of seafood. Full course of steamed seafood, seafood noodles, seafood Wat Tan Ho etc etc. OOH and pork noodles. Man those were good. The pork noodles here comes with no egg, and the best part is the pork meat, which they cook with starch or something that makes it all soft and succulent.

So all in all, even though I missed like 3 days of computer time and time with friends as well as a new years countdown party, I guess I made up for it by gaining another 3kgs. Which is cool. I need that fat to survive the winter.

Happy New Years peeps.

Won't be celebrating its arrival as will be on a taxi ride home during that time. Maybe there will be fireworks at the side of the road. But well I will not be sore, am still gonna wish everybody else a happy new year. Which I don't think anybody would notice anyway as all are getting pissed drunk.



Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick Resolution Jotdown

So heya bloggie quick one.

Heard some awfully good advice yesterday and it went something like:

Find three hobbies in your life, one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative. 
So yea I kinda thought it was true and from now on I'm gonna pursue these three hobbies when I am less busy and have more time and that's why I'm writing this down in case I forget about this.

My memory sucks I know.

So a hobby to make me money. Future me, pursue PHOTOGRAPHY. You remember how much you love pretty pictures and actually find it surprising about how much you can earn with a good picture? With all kinds of social media now, you can do that shit and earn off it. PLUS its fun. If you need more motivation go on ahead to Instagram and look at all them rich kids at the recommended section.

A hobby to keep me in shape. Dance! Future you. Or Ultimate Frisbee, or Cheer? Anything. You need to exercise anyway you big hunk of fat. Remember how much you love to dance? Them hours of ballet lessons when you were younger? True they made you so damn tired and you had to come home late and you were always hungry. But hey you never hated it you smelly mofo. WASH YOUR SOCKS THIS TIME.

Lastly, one to be creative. Either go for writing, like what I am doing now, or drawing or OMG compose something to don't put those 10 years in piano class to waste. Hm. You are pretty talented in all and all are a kind of mental release from work. Like when you write, or draw, or play piano, you remember it was a total stress reliever as you didn't need to brain at all.


Hope you are doing well.

Eating cheese biscuits and supposed to be studying for World Religion Yi Xian.