Sunday, April 27, 2014

Resolutions. Again.

Hey so sorry haven't posted anything in like forever.

Here's my excuses once again
(1) I'm a student hello, most of my time I spend on studying.
(2) My major is engineering. Which, I think speaks for itself in time consuming terms.
(3) I'm pretty lazy. Like to unbelievable standards.
(4) I have a boyfriend, which, consumes more time than studying
(5) Oh and I've just started a new TV series. Which has like 10 seasons, to replace the How I Met Your Mother hole in my heart.
(6) Hey swear I'm so busy I haven't even have time to catch up on Naruto.
(7) My parents practice child labour ( Nah, I'm kidding don't come with SWAT teams I love my parents, but in all seriousness they do in fact make me do ALL the housework, I mean whytf wont they get a maid )
(8) I'm lazy
(9) My brother started working, so all the dirty jobs in the house falls on me.
(10) My finals are in 4 days.

So 10 reasons there you go.

Right I had resolutions. So, totally plan to start working out after these finals, since heck I'm so out of shape I'm practically a random closed curve ( Calculus, bitch! ), so gonna blog about working out. Cause bragging about it is like the only way I'll stay motivated. Who doesn't like praise, see all the #30healthydays tags and all I've been seeing everywhere on Instagram.

Gonna practise more piano and pass this shit once and for all and wash my hands of it. Not that I hate playing piano, I just keep failing the exam.

Oh and blog more. Swear.


My parents swear to god chose the worst time to procreate, damnit it always falls on some important exam. 19 years of my life and the only time my birthday didn't fall on some exam was before I started kindergarten.

Toodles :)