Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Facts about me


Disclaimer: I know this has been WAY overdone and the trend for it is WAY over. But I have been tagged on Instagram and I didn't think Instagram had the space for my rantings. I didn't want to do this but heck why not, I get to know myself better and make space for me to improve myself.

Alright. Usually people start off with a picture, but I'm camera shy.

1. I am camera shy.
Well, it isn't because I am a hideous snake headed person with bulbous eyes that burns up cameras. In fact, I am pretty cute. However I am just NOT photogenic. Pictures of me all look like I'm in pain or that the sun is too bright or that the cameraman killed my parents. PLUS, pictures eventually end up on social media or somebody else's hands, and for whatever reason, I am just not comfortable with strangers looking at my photos, it's like meeting someone without knowing you met them. Which is just creepy.

2. Speaking of which, my parents aren't the closest people on earth with me. 
This is bad, but my parents weren't around much when I was growing up. Thus I have never confided in them at all. Actually this leads to 3. Added up with the fact that they are true blue Asian Chinese parents that lives up to the stereotype and are crazy strict with us, so yeah, it's pretty impossible for me to even be myself around them.

3. I am a pretty closed and shy person.
However, once you really get to know me, which may take months, I will be a ball of sunshine and lameness. Judge me however you want.

4. I enjoy being home alone.
Okay this is a weird fact. I love my house, but without my parents or brother at home. Why? Because when I am home alone, I can literally walk naked wherever I want (not that I do, not all the time anyways) , roll and blaze whenever and wherever, hog the armchair ( which is the best and most comfy place on earth ) where I watch Sherlock or South Park or whatever that I'm watching at the time, or read books for 9 hours straight without people yelling at me to rest my eyes or eat, cuddle with my dog without distractions that causes it to jump about. So yeah, I really enjoy my time at home.

5.  I have crazy sensitive skin and eczema.
Which sucks. I can never have a facial.

6. I don't really enjoy studying.
Math and Science. Not really my forte, even though I am studying engineering. Its just a means for me to be taken seriously and be able to rule the world in the future. MUAHAHA. But seriously I would prefer reading and writing. Actually, I think its because my math and physics lecturers really suck cause I used to love math and physics, they give me such a rush, especially when you manage to solve some crazy difficult question, you literally feel like a god.

7. I hate cooking.
Its like the norm for girls to be able to cook. And yea I see plenty of Instagram photos depicting Fancy Feasts cooked by my friends. But I don't know what happened, maybe I lack a genome or something, I really don't like to cook. Again, not that I am bad at it, my relatives absolutely crave the cheesecakes that I make. But, somehow I think its too much work for too little reward. 3 hours of laboring at the kitchen preparing and cooking just for half an hour of satisfaction. NOT WORTH IT.

I can't think of anything else. Plus, I just microwaved my lunch. So. Guess I'm gonna watch Sherlock instead. Oh yeah.

8. I get sidetracked REALLY EASILY.
Which is really bad. I think I may have ADD.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


My post titles are all so one-worded and deep my entire blog looks like a season of Wilfred

Which in any case you guys do not know, its a TV series featuring Elijah Wood, which although he doesn't look THAT good as a hobbit, he has the most PRISTINE eyes on earth. Could swim in those things man.


ANYWAYS, I am studying for a certain public speaking test tomorrow and not surprisingly got distracted and went and blog-hopped.

And, well, I really think some people do not deserve what they have.

Isn't it unfair that people who are rich and pretty have everything they have on earth except a decent personality and ethics?

Rich and pretty people seem to just cruise through life without needing a single brain cell, just really good photo editing skills to fool the mass crowd.

And although it may sound like extreme sour grapes here, trust me in the fact that I do not want any part of fame see. And anything I say from now on is gonna sound like I'm defending myself, but hey, I study engineering people, I voluntarily slave myself over maths and physics equations everyday and I read thick volumes of thesis and mystery science fiction that no sane rich nor pretty people would go near. AND I FUCKING ENJOY IT.

Why am I justifying myself.

So, what I am saying here is, there are many more talented, intelligent, and creative human beings in this world that lack the facilities to make it big. And that's a pity. 

Study time. Toods :)