Monday, May 16, 2016


A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand, probably getting gorgeously tanned in SUMMMER.

Well its not that warm yet. So it's like a springy summery thing going on here in the North. Where occasionally, like every 10 days of warm summer sun, BAM, you'll be hit by below freezing temperatures, or the occasional hail.

So I actually have nothing planned this summer. Would probably blog a ton, take a ton of photographs, do something productive probably, maybe.

Am currently in Milwaukee. Enjoying me some time away from Madison, where, although its the damn best city to live in the United States, gets kinda boring really.

OOH I think I should write about my BIRTHDAY, else I won't remember this shit. So, let's see. Started out kinda on the 13th, where I had my final paper in the morning. 7:45am in the morning. What is wrong with lecturers. They start their day at 5am in the morning and are not grumpy nor unproductive. Being old is pretty awesome, you don't need much sleep at all.

Finished my paper and left home, took a nap, cause well, it was a 7:45 am paper. Woke up somewhere around noon, cooked meself some good lunch, and watched some Disney movies. Planned to go to the gym but nah was too comfortable.

Went to dinner at Bandung, an Indonesian restaurant with my roommates though it was raining and freezing. Traveled quite a bit to reach there too. WAS SO GOOD. DAGING RENDANG FOR THE WIN. I loved it. Reminds me of home. Was pretty reasonably priced too. Then my friends bought me dessert. Rice pudding and Sticky Rice. MMM. I'm an easy person to satisfy. Buy me food and we'll be good friends for life.

The Lyft driver that drove us back to my place was deaf and ignored me for the majority of the ride. Thing was I didn't know he was deaf, and kept screaming out questions and thought he was the rudest lil shit ever. Plus he was a really sweet guy who adopted kids from China. Made me felt like crap so we gave him like a 50 percent tip.

Went home and hung out with SY and Eunice and WS for a while. Talked and all that.Received a call from Nabil and went out with him to Sotto. Danced like nobody's watching. And it was pretty damn late that time, it was like 2 in the morning and it was SO COLD. Temperature dropped to below freezing. AND ITS MAY. Jeez.

Woke up bright and shiny the next day, went to the farmer's market. OOH I also acted like a total idiot. My friends DT and AL wanted to surprise me with a birthday cake, so they were like we're going to the grocery store to buy some stuff. So the idiot I was went "OMG I need to buy food too" and trailed them around the store whilst they bought ingredients for "banana bread". Didn't feel that dumb then but then when they appeared in front of my bedroom I felt like an idiot, A VERY TOUCHED AND BLESSED IDIOT. I love people.

Watched movies with the roommates after that. Also went out for Mediterranean food. Chicken Shwarma FTW. Went to the Comedy Club to watch Joe List after that. Had a couple of drinks, since well, I'm of age now. It was fun. After that went to Auni's house to hang out and all that. Went home, again, around 2 am. AND it was still freezing.


It was great. I love everybody.