Saturday, June 25, 2016

Writing prompts


She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled.
“Was that supposed to hurt?”
Blood oozed slowly from the gaping hole, exposing her ribcage, which were still. Still as a lake. She grinned even wider, unnaturally, exposing her bright white teeth, as she observed the shell shocked expression on my face.
“Come here mi amore. Let me love you.”
The sound of Zack’s voice pierced through my trance. I fought to keep myself from throwing up my breakfast. Turning around, I sprinted as fast as I could, choking back tears.
Laurie, my beloved. They got her. She was now one of them.
What do I have to live for now?


Day 67
I have been through this before.
I blinked.
This seems different.
I gasped. These lights. They aren't like the other ones. These. These lights were familiar.
"She's awake...."
Applause. My eyes made out shapes. It's a camera. No, it's many cameras. So many that I can't even count.
" I?" I choked out. I licked my lips and swallowed. My mouth is so dry. I need to remember to moisturize.
"Andrea. Do you remember anything? Can you see? Do you feel any pain or numbness?"
"No...... I.... It was cold..... Wait..... Am I in a hospital?"
The man took a deep breath.
"Andrea. You were on an expedition in Antarctica. You were on a raft, that unfortunately capsized. You were found by some fishermen that brought you here. We are at the University of Alaska."
Oh thank god.
"Did I lose any limbs?" I looked myself over. I seem fine. But you never know, with current technology, they could fit a prosthetic on you that looks exactly like the limb you lost.
"No.....Andrea, I think you should know....that it has been 67 days since you died."