Wednesday, June 24, 2015



I honestly haven't spoken for a few days now I think my brain is slowly transforming into mush.

It's not like I deliberately don't speak, it's just that I have legit little to none social contact with anybody. Literally.

That is what happens when you are taking online classes.

I have even taken to studying at libraries in hopes of some dashing stranger that also likes studying glances upon me and is taken to my cute personality and talks to me.

So far. No luck.

Drinking a lot of coffee lately. I'm kinda addicted to that shit. My teeth are so yellow right now.

Not that it matters. If this goes on. NOBODY would ever see my teeth. Since I'm practically mute.

I could just skip brushing and flossing and rinsing and just you know, have bad breath and rotten teeth.

Gonna type here way more these few days. Cause well, nobody else has the time nor energy to listen to my thoughts and opinions.

Such a pity though. I have a great voice.


Well, have been programming a shit ton these few days. At least I have mad programming skills to show.

I totally googled online, and it said that if I cease to talk for a long period of time, I will eventually become shyer and shyer.

So if  I think this is bad, in the future, I would become one of those people that are super pale and practically just live on the Internet.

I'm gonna be overweight and be living on Gatorade. And weed.

However, Google also showed me results of people that haven't talked for months on end.

Well that made me feel a tad bit better.

Too bad for those people that haven't talked for months. At least I talked just 2 days ago.

Urgh I think I'm weird.


Sunday, June 21, 2015



It's summer here in the USA.

So I am pretty sad and lonely here since I have just had my first semester here and I don't know many people here yet.

And everybody that I consider a close friend just left me and went home and I'm just here in college taking summer classes.

But yea I have been travelling a bit to Yellowstone park and it was so fuckingly awesome. And I think it is a good thing to write about it as proof that I actually went there.

I don't know how travelling people manage to blog cause I find this a really difficult thing to do. Honestly I can barely recall what I did just 2 hours ago.

So let's start with the sequence of pictures I guess.

Firstly we landed at the HIDDEN VILLAGE.

Nah we went to MOUNT RUSHMORE in South (or was it North?) Dakota. It was pretty cool to see stone faces. Wish I could climb to the top of their heads or into their noses though. However it was against the law or something. They had fences and stuff.

Fun fact. They actually made the sculptures by blasting it with dynamite.

Paid 11 dollars and went through an entire documentary about the mountain and that was the only information about the mountain that I managed to retain.

Apparently the ice cream there is famous or something because it is made of the original recipe of some famous person so definitely try it out.

See. That's why I can't really write good travel blogs. I just can't remember shit.

Oh and it just so happen to be Memorial Day when we were visiting it so there were truckloads of people just milling around the place. And there were veterans there raising funds so that was pretty cool. Go USA and all that.

This is a picture that happen to be a scene on the interstate.

It was mostly just farmhouses and grass on the way there. And the occasional rainbow. And cows. Shitton of cows just grazing away on the way there. And Wall Drug. And roadkill.

So Wall Drug. On the interstate we passed by advertisement billboards. A lot of them. And this particular advertisement just repeated itself for around 100 miles. Maybe more. Just advertising a Wall Drug. Which made us super curious. They had pretty catchy slogans too.

So we stopped there.

Turns out it was a fake cowboy town. And damn that place is strange. There was a T Rex there. An antlered rabbit the size of two grown men. A gorilla playing the piano for a dollar. Wax figures. Purdy cool stuff.


I really appreciated the road trip there than actually being there. The scenes there were really pretty and it was kinda a lifetime experience. Since this is the longest time that I have sat in a car. My ass was really sore after this.

AND BAM WE REACHED. Spent the first night there sleeping in the car. There was MUCH UNCOMFORTABLENESS with 5 of us in just a sedan-ish car. AND since I happen to be the smallest in size. I landed with the middle back seat. Which made my neck died.

So that's a picture of a sulfur pool. Or hot spring? Anyway its hot. And it smells like sulfur. It's really pretty though with the colors.

We cooked dinner in the tent. The tenting part was pretty fun too. Cooking outdoors, huddling over a campfire, chillin in the tent. And by chillin I mean freezing. It's supposed to be summer but heck one day it actually snowed. It was around 8 degree Celsius at night I think. Since we didn't have any form of cell service the entire time we were there. But it felt like a 8 degree Celsius.

You would think that being smack dab on top of an active volcano would make the place warm. NO.

View of the lake there. Basically all the views there are pretty. It's a national park. It exudes pretty views.

Here are more sulfur ponds. It was so hot that apparently we couldn't even walk near it and they made us all walk on boardwalks.

There was a lot of Asian tourists there too.

So many people gathered to see the Old Faithful Geyser. It was quite a wait. And quite a crowd. Worth the wait though. This thing is magnificent.

The gift shop at the Old Faithful was also quite good. In fact. Loved the gift shop at Yellowstone. Was so close to buying a 40 dollar quilt with a wolf on it. It was the most majestic quilt I have ever laid eyes on. Didn't buy it since I am pretty broke and I already do have a boring purple quilt.

Then again. Maybe the gift shop seems so wonderful because it was the closest thing to industrialization to us, the bunch of city kids.

More views. This in particular looks like it came out of a fairy tale. there were also bisons grazing along the field and drinking from the stream. Which this being a phone camera, did not capture. Half expected fairies to come out of the flowers.

Even more views. Rocky mountains. They climbed the rocks like a goat. Me? Not so much.

Rock formations! Pretty cool too!

I have no idea what this is but I think they are rocks. Water was flowing through it. That pattern tho.

So yea that sums up this blog post. One of the longest that I have ever wrote. I am a pretty bad travel blogger and a worse traveler. Before I went there I fully had the intention to learn some geography and study volcanoes and hot springs and how they are formed and all that. Turns out I have a zero retention rate.

I shall resolve to travel better.

I camped on top of an active volcano ground. Pretty bad ass huh.

Wish I wasn't so shy and awkward with my travelling companions though. Which made the trip a tad bit uncomfortable for me. I just over think and make my self feel like shit.