Friday, December 13, 2013

Exams are so over MUAHAH holidays!



Okay I'm immature and lame so lets just move on and pretend that didn't happen okay?

Hey yeap so didn't hang out much met up with the Arv, the Gabe and the Xuk for dinner yesterday after exams and they totally made me so embarrassed that I could sink into the ground like literally dissolve on the spot.

So what they did was, since we were eating dinner at Chili's and we ordered a chocolate lava cake to share and Arv asked the waiter if it was somebody's birthday, could we have a free cake? And the waiter was like yeaap you get a free brownie so Arv straightaway pointed his finger at me and went Oh yea we have a Birthday Girl here!
And nevermind the fact that my birthday was 6 months ago and the waiter was sooooo cute. He wore like one of those oversized hipster glasses and swept back hair he was swear to god CUTE! And gawd the waiter was so nice he gave us a candle and took a Polaroid picture for us and he kept smiling and he was so shy ish and ARGH WHY DIDN'T I GET HIS NUMBER WHAT A REGRET.
And THEN THEY STARTED SINGING THE BIRTHDAY SONG! Gawd the entire restaurant was looking over our table so all i could do was act like I was damn happy but in fact inside felt like killing them hahaha.
Worse was they posted the photos of everything on Facebook and Twitter and people wished me Happy Birthday well felt so baddddd but heck I love them larh it was fun.
SEE MY WTF FACE. Oh and bottom pic is a Polaroid pic taken by CUTE WAITER :(

Oh and today spended like half the day shopping my allowance off with Teck on CLOTHES in HnM. Such a bad experience for him since it was a shopping trip to buy him a new clothes but I sabotaged and bought stuff instead HAHA. Bought a new cropped grey hoodie and was totally eyeing some baseball tees in Cotton On maybe shall go back and get it tomorrow. OOOH and I read good reviews about Tea Tree Oil so I bought a bottle of that stuff but heck it stings as it touches my skin like ARGH FIRE! So maybe gonna give it to some other pimply people I know. Charity right? I did the research okay on its benefits and all ;)
Cropped hoodie, H&M, grey

Oh and the baseball tees: WAS EYEING THIS FEW SO PWEATTAY OMG *melted

Oh and am watching Roman Holiday now and its in Black and White and resolution is horrible but its AUDREY HEPBURN and she can make any movie be perfect. No joke.

LOOK AT  THAT PERFECT TINY WAIST. She has like absolutely perfect measurements. Clothes shop must love her awwwww wish I was perfect toooo. And during her era, plastic surgery didn't exist you know. How come people are becoming uglier :(

Oh DAYUM its a short hairdo. SHE CAN ROCK SHORT CURLY HAIR. Thats perfection there and right there. BAM. Wow them eyes are mesmerizing me as I type OMG electrocuted

OKAY I should concentrate on the movie

BYE :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aaaaaand hello everybody!

So today was kinda an okay day spent the morning studying calculus like crazy and god i still hate college no matter how much time i spend in it. People taking my course of engineering are just no fun, maybe thats why most engineers die forever alone. Honestly people taking mass comm or say business are so much more outgoing and easy to hangout with compared to deary sciencey people that die if thier calculators explode.

Not being a bitch here Im also categorized as sciencey person since arts bore me to death, no discrimination okay just came here to rant.

So real fun was after class when I went to Sunway and they had Christmas decoration up and around and OMG H&M in Sunway Pyramid is opening this Thursday EEEEEEK! Like finally a shop that I like in Sunway other than Cotton On cause honestly am kind of a cheapo and am not vain enough to spend like 100k on clothes. See told ya Im a sciencey nerd. I ll probably pay ransom if you kidnap my calculator.

So went and Shishaed after that and theres this place in SS15 that offers shisha in broad daylight which may seem wierd to some people but its perfect for me as parents are paranoid like crazy and wont let me out at night so had to find cool stuff to do in the afternoon yo. Other than sleeping that is.

So having calculus quiz tomorrow life just sucks never ending quizzes and tests to study for why did I choose a defree course argh Im just so frigging dumb now Im stuck with 1k ton of stress and yeaaaaaap. Study break next week tho Muahahaha :)

Monday, November 25, 2013


Heeeey Peeps

So blogger sucks as I just typed out a photo filled blog about my dog but what happened was I was blogging it on my tab and for whatever reason it just couldn't be published so totally not my fault here so Imma gonna just re type out what I was just rambling about.

So gonna brainvomit now since Im supposed to be studying history and I honestly can't muster the strength to move from sitting on the floor to the study table even it's literally 2 feet away and open the 5 inches thick history textbook and start reading.

Which most people may think I am crazy like why would any decent person would wanna sit on the floor that hurts my ass like agony due to the fact that I have totally nada booty curse my Asian genes rather than sitting on the RM 1k armchair with reclining features and total personal fan on my face. Okay I wanted to accompany my Lucky okay I ran out of dog food today and had to feed her Jacob biscuits for dinner and now I feel guilty enough to maybe permanently make my already flat ass even flatter by sitting on the flat flat floor. God knows the stuff I do for my dog.


And hey my double eyelids have monolidded themselves since have been sleeping late these few days. LIFE SUCKS like because Im Asian my eyes are already small okay well then I should have the privilege of sleeping late as I already have small eyes and they can hardly get any smaller BUT NO they have to lose their only redeeming factor as peepers by being monolids.

Oh right. AND HUNGER GAMES. I WATCHED IT LAST FRIDAY AND DIDN'T HAVE THE URGE TO POST EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I don't get it why people tend to feel the need to post every single detail of their lives on social media and okay this blog does not count as social media as I have not told a single soul Im writing a blog so yeap.

And okay. Hunger Games was ALRIGHT. Didn't deviate from the original story too much so I guess it was fine. I like directors or scriptwriters or producers or whoever that writes the movie fior Hunger Games as he she they it wrote it in the way that it fitted into 2 and a half hours and wrote in thier own scenes and dialogue and still could get all the main points of the story. Erm gonna give it a 8 1/2 out of 10. Hmmmm maybe 9/10 for Jen Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. OMG TOO GORGEOUS.

Okay one picture is so not enough too gorgeous. Why would anyone break up with Liam Hemsworth?

ARGH THEM EYES! They looked into my soul and know my darkest secrets. Hehe sorry fangirl *screams
Okay sorry I know these pictures are from Hunger Games and not Catching Fire.

So here goes a picture from Catching Fire.


Okay blame Google for the lack of pics I totally edited and took some pictures. Maybe I ll reupload this once I get the pictures sorted out. Or maybe not I have exams okay. Or maybe because I'm too lazy.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Being bored

Its a Monday morning and yes I am that lucky to be able to get a timetable schedule of MONDAYS that start at 2pm MUAHAHAHA.

And yea okay i came to write on this blog purely out of guilt as I totally had a resolution to write more but oh well have been neglecting this blog for a while hehe. And okay in my defence I was totally studying.

Thank God for autocorrect and lines under misspelled words cause I totally suck in spelling. Okay without autocorrect a typical passage of mine would look more like this:
Hello everubodeh what a nice day today is and phichsi is toatally boring and useless like seriusly who actually measures frequencis and lengths and time on a daily basis, like nobodeh. Unlike cheminstry which is actually a bit more useful omg.

Okay I am totally brainvomiting cause yeah I was studying Physics just now and Im kinda knackered.
Gosh finals  in 2 weeks.
And heck yea Im kiasu like shit and I do in fact plan to get at least 3.8 GPA hahah I know Im a total nerd dont judge me.

Oh by the way I just chopped off my hair and it was totally traumatising as I told em hairdresser I wanted like 2 inches off my waist length hair and she totally went ahead and chopped off 7 inches my hair is now shoulder length arrrgh
What is it about hairdressers that they totally cant judge length? It s like they missed counting class in kindergarten. They really need some Physics in their lives. Guess Physics useful after all.
And lets have some hairdressing memes to make this world a better place.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So recently been reading a lot of blog posts by other people and kinda got inspired and now i want to start typing out a couple blog posts again.

Im such a pig.

So anyways, I'm like 18 years old this year and seriously comparing to people on the net, my life is so uninspiring and tediously boring. Like normal girls my age would be going out every single day and decking themselves out in like ridiculously expensive outfit and are all immaculately groomed from head to toe, like perfect hair without even a hair out of place,nails that are crazily long and painted and studded with swarovski crystals all and make up with lashes as long as the Nile river all.

And honestly all i own is a hairbrush. And i don't even use it every day. For example, Im sitting in front of the computer now. Guess what im dressed in. Frigging pyjamas with pink bears saying "biscuit" on it and my hair hasn't been wash nor brush in one day and I have not been wearing a bra for nearly 12 hours. And today is a public holiday.

Kind feel like I'm wasting my "lovely youth". Since what I do everyday is pig out on Oreos and milk and watch 2 broke girls.

I dont know.

Feel like Im some 30 year old that has no boyfriend and husband and gonna be a spinster forever.

SO not cut out to be cool.


And I'm so disinclined tbo having plastic surgery so yea i think imma gonna be uncool my whole life.
Toodles, just wanna rant a bit cause I finished all my episodes of 2 broke girls and HIMYM and Big bang theory. And im not nerd enough to study on a public holiday.

OKAY sorry Im back again hehe. Was just reading Xiaxue's blogposts from like 2003 and heck kinda got inspired again. I mean she's like one of the most successful blogger i know and heck I really like her she's cool. And okay here's the deal, she's took nearly 10 years up to now to be this successful, which in a way is encouraging and depressing at the same time. Encouraging cause its like ohkay she worked her way up and her first few blogposts kinda ain't that interesting either and she didn't shoot to fame and she wasn't that pretty in the start. And depressing in the way like GAH 10 years down the road I ll be 28 years old thats practically AGES to actually be successful in any way ( and in my case as I'm not pretty nor cool nor intending to get plastic surgery maybe I ll need 20 YEARS to become successful.

AND I was depressed in the last few blogposts because I kind of broke up with my Best Friend because he liked me and life got complicated. And it was a pretty complicated and heart wrenching moments as we couldn't hangout and at the same time he's my best friend and I had a lot of tests at college and it was a couple of stressful and depressing weeks.
And anyways I don't know why anybody in my course bother with relationships as all of us are studying ENGINEERING and we are all gonna end up forever alone anyway. Or married to each other. Who said it was hard to explain? Hahaha found this on 9gag :D
Okay I'm lame.

And one last thing that has been bothering me. You guys know the MUSIC VIDEO of WAKE ME UP by avicii? Well of course you do who hasn't seen that music video and you know what, Avicii is coming to Malaysia in a few more weeks and I'm like effing dying to go because Malaysia likes to ban nearly every single artist that happens to be on tour and any artist/DJ/celebrity that manages to make it to Malaysia are like precious pearls and you have to go. Trouble is I'm broke like shit and tickets cost like RM100 over.

Oh yea I was talking about the music video. Seriously the little girl in that video can't be older than 10 years old and she's going to a rave party. And she has a tattoo. And she's so pretty. And I'm 18 years old and my mum doesn't trust me to go shopping with friends and totally banned me from getting another piercing. CAN this world be more unfair? Sometimes I think orphans are so lucky. They have a lot of friends since young and any success they achieve they can say they earned it totally. Yeah I know I should count my blessings and shits and all but yea think bout it. Oh yeah i know its a music video and all its fake and all but heck yea you music video people just made my life look more miserable than it already is.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello humans

IM BACK! Life is back on track! Well not exactly still getting over a kind of relationship and i havent been getting much sleep and my eyes looks like total footballs and my double eye lids shrunk into single eye lids. Brother suggested plastic surgery but dayum they are expensive.
I have asian eyes!
Okay im probably going nuts over exam stress seriously why do teachers think it fun to pile tests after tests on us on the same week.
And heck i havent started studying.
Okay life aint that good anyways so toodless gonna hit em books ;(

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life is like a vacuum cleaner

Its sucking hard babe.
I dont't know. Im kind of an introvert to be honest and sometimes i don't like to be around people. Anddd im watching Switched at Birth while writing this. So yeap im kinda preoccupied.
Honestly there's no where for me to turn only did i needed to resort to spilling my thoughts over a blog post.
And thats because nobody ever read these post and its basically a journal and if anybody does read these it ll be maybe some japanese dude that may not understans what im saying exactly. Not being racist here, im asian too, im just being honest.

Well. Where to start.
I honesly don't get the thing about feelings? Like why on earth do people need ro have feelings?? They get hurt all the time, they get trampled on, they get shredded by other people. Why do people need to feel happy or sad or even angry?
All humans need is to be funny. So basically im saying feelings are trash, people just need to have personality.
Ohkay that makes me seem like a coldhearted bitch but yeap. Feelings suck. The only slightly better feeling is happiness, others are all negative.
Anger makes you crazy and turn you into the hulk.
Sadness is a bitch, go get a drink babe, get drunk it helps.
Love. Brings heartbreak, jealousy and sadness and all sorts of shitty feelings which the only good thing that comes out of love is maybe, sex? Which you can get just by like maybe 100 bucks?

And i don't understand how people can just spill thier feelings all over Twitter or Facebook. Isnt that a bit lack of attention? Like you are trying to bait people into saying yes omg you poor dear don't be sad theres alot of people who like you blah blah blah. Please do you think people like that are sincere? I honestly dont think so. Or maybe them people who post alot on social websites are really emotional people and anything they post are emotional spillage.

Life sucks. Gonna go hug the internet, watch youtube or some tv, cuddle with my trusty dog or if shes feeling stuck up or has bad breath, my pillow, get some hot milk and cookies (oooh my mom bought a ginormous bag of famous amos :)) and get a good nights sleep and wake up early tomorrow and go for a life changing jog and finally wash my hair.

Toodles babe.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

# 4 Elysium. 90-day-geisha.


So Elysium. Hahahaha it was a totally spontaneous and crazy decision to watch it but yea imma glad i did it was a nice movie. So it was Friday and sorry i didnt post this up earlier cause i was kinda hungover whole day today. It was after college which was like 11am ( my timetable so totally rocks ) and i had wanted to go home for a nap cause seriously this was the first week of college back from sem break and after waking up at 12pm everyday for a month, waking up at 7am was really draining my energy i had to survive on nestle can coffee for an entire week. So i tookaway some rojak cause i planned to go home and eat. Then a friend invited me to yumcha and i couldnt decline since i had postponed this for 2 weeks already so i went to ss2 for drinks w friends. And you know i dont have a car so i had to wait for somebody to fetch me home but all they wanted to do was watch a movie and oh well i couldnt do anything.

So we went to Tropicana city mall for Elysium and since it was a spontaneous decision the movie already started so basically we missed like 5 minutes of it and idk i found it annoying. The movie was quite good honestly, it was better than Mortal Instruments i couldnt predict Elysium much. I ll give it a 8/10 considering its an apocalyspe movie which i couldnt predict as you know, apocalyspe movie are all kinda predictable like in the end all will be good. Everything was perfect by the end of the movie, that didnt change.

So im turning this into a blog of my day cause this was like the most interesting thing i did whole week. Aaaaannd i always have this problem of nobody fetching me home so Hsien Loong and gang went to Sunway College for some social event for accountants and too bad i had no car so i had to go there. Well i did catch up alot w Hsien Loong, in fact more than i actually needed to know but oh well you dont get to see old friends often. So the social event was exactly what i expected from a social event for accountants, kinda boring, but they served excellent lasagne for dinner and hahaha all is forgotten. Oooh and i met some old high school friends there also.

Right, and after that since i got bored i texted Teck and he called and said he was bored lets hangout so we went to Setiawalk to grab a beer and meet w Arv, his idea actually, but i paid for em beers. Annnd by some stroke of luck we met some old MCKL friends Loon and Jacks and hahah Loon was kinda drunk he was fun to watch. Got home around 12am  cause of insistent orders to come home NOW by my dad and honestly the details of the rest of the night is kinda blurry after drinks. Oh and guess what the pack of rojak i tookaway during lunch was still in my backpack and it made my bag smelled like nyancat had pooped in it, smelled like rainbows. Hey this is the famous rojak in ss15 that people queued up to buy of course it smelled good, all nutty and delicious.

Oh and that was my day.


So, 90-days-geisha is a kinda good book. And it sparked my interest in going to Japan cause honestly what i always thought of Japan was like this country where everybodys a genius there and i would be totally out of place there even though im perfectly asian but im nowhere near thier brainpower status and i cant speak Japanese la please its such a complicated language, though perfect for smart people because they need to know longer words to match thier brain status. So the book is about this angmo girl going to Japan to act as an hostess which is basically those girls selling beers,a except they dont sell beers instead they just sit there and look pretty and light the customers ciggerettes. And basically the book is about her adventures there. And now i think Japan is an effing cool place to go since you get to eat live squid omg wheeeee. I dont think anybody that hasnt read the book would understand me like you wont understand the amazing ness im feeling about going to Japan its like an uber cool party place. Maybe im still hungover, or maybe its the lack of sleep this entire week.

Not that im crazy or anything but comeon its cool you ll get to brag to your kids and friends when you get back home. And maybe since now i can drive i can do some cool Tokyo drift there.

Oh and i also watched the 40 year old virgin. Its a movie btw. Its cool to get into the brain of a 40 year old virgin geek, who is btw kinda handsome hehe.

Annd honestly its sucks cause im blogging through my TAB, and its impossible to upload any pics or videos or even putting in links to youtube or anything. So im so sorry for the lack of media.

Same to the last few post actully im too noob to know how to add in video links and pics. Or maybe im to lazy to use the computer. Sorrehh.

Toodles :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

# 3 Mortal Instruments. College.


Hi hi so i havent been keeping to my sacred resolution to write down a journal/diary here everyday but seriously things are kinda hectic in my life so far. Well, thats because the new semester of college started this week and seriously waking up early and having the need to leave my bed these few days have been nothing but taxing on the nerves and skin (seriously pimples crowd around my face like flies around garbage).

So im gonna say sorry in advance since this is gonna be a picture-free post and you ll be just staring at my typed words even though its better and neater than my writing but somehow these words resemble your history textbook and now you feel like sleeping or clicking away to a more interesting blog but oh well. Your lost. You miss out on my life. Boo de hoo.

Hahaha yeaaap i watched RIPD and Mortal Instruments: City of Bones these few days since college started and i had to leave my house. RIPD was honestly kinda awesome its really funny espeicially Roy the fake cowboy whose skull got humped by a coyote. Hahahaha sounds good now huh? Its kinda funny and unpredictable at times honestly like (spoiler alert!) the freaky part where the woman boss bite Roys goatee omg that was seriously freakishly wierd like omg they can do that in public what do they actually do in private??

Okaaay RIPD. My rating would be ermmm 7/10. Im quite leniant la like any movies make me laugh genarally has a good rating haha. But yeaaaap it was a cute movie even though theres like so little shots of the pretty french hot girl and there are like absolutely no shirtless scene of the main actor only loads of tummy jiggly shots of the fat deado oh well better than nothing.

Mortal Instruments. Hmmm where to start. Okay i shall give it like a 7/10 also. The movie was so effingly predictable like im smart i know but this is predictable to the point where my 5 years old cousin can guess the flow of the movie. But kuddos to Lily Collins cause shes awesomely hot and cute. And i dont know which actor is it but i thought Simon in the movie was cute, and Jace was cute also in his gay way cause god knows i cant resist a dude w blue eyes. Hmmm so i didnt read the book firsthand yet cause i thought the book would ruin the movie and i was right, like even the movie can be predictable like that what if i read the book wont it be pointless to spend rm 8 to buy a movie ticket?

But overally its kinda good in a way la. Dont take my word for it check it out yourself. Lily Collins is Carly in the movie and yesh shes just too darn cute.

Right college has been hectic im taking 4 new subjects this semester and theyre all kinda heavy ish. I honestly need to study this term cause my cgpa kinda is depressingly low and i needa work to pull it up or not i will not be accepted in any university and i ll live a sad life of a garbage collector.

Toodless :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

# 2 Putrajaya


Hey so yesterday night me and Arv went to Putrajaya! Which for all of you snails that have been living in your shell and under a rock, its someplace cook in Malaysia, which considering the amount of coolness in Malaysia, Putraja cream of the crop of coolness. And it was damn spontaneous like around 7pm Arv just Whatsapp me like 'Hey wanna go out?' And honestly since i was stuck at home for like the entire day being cuddled to death by my dog Lucky i was like ' Take me outta this hellhole! '

So seriously i dint even know where were we going i just hopped in his car when he came at friggin 10.30pm! Wow come to think of it im kinda recklessly cool like i do car hopping hahaha maybe one day i ll be abducted by some psycho killer and i will just happily hop onto his/her car. Im rambling. Dont think i make any sense. My parents should be worried.

Oh yea Arv went for some massage before he came at 10.30 so while he gets rubbed all over by chinese girls all happily i suffocated in my dungeon of a room killing myself with more Fish w Attittude ( seriously those things waste a lot of time and we all know we have limited time on earth so essentially im killing myself ). Right okay here are the pics eh.

These pics were taken w Arvs sucky phone cause my phone sucks even more and seriously i look damn hideous, like im some kind of rare breed of asian vampire w a fat face.
This is the famous Putra bridge thing in Putrajaya and honestly its kinda cool it changes colour and all and its a SanFransisco bridge ripoff and this horrible pic of me doesnt do it justice at all.

Okay the real deal is so cool i really wished i brought my DSLR
AND it changes colour too. Coolballs rightt!!!?

Okay idk whats wrong w blogger or maybe its my problem but now all my text are center orientated.

Oooooh and we went to the Putra mosque also which is apparently floating on the Putra lake and okay while we were trying to get there we got kinda lost and we had to dependon google maps and according to its description of the mosque, you would have expected Taj Mahal like it was supposed to be made of rose gold marble and floating pristinely on a lake and all. But tbh i think all mosque looks the same no offence muslims. Maybe i just dont appreaciate architecture but they all have the dome shaped thing on top and they all are really big and nice so honestly the Putra mosque could be the Taj Mahal for all i know

Ohhh and we also went to look at the Prime Minister residence which is seriously huge

Okay unlike the other pic where i look like a fat vampire in this pic i look like a moose. And Arv made a meme out of it too. BUT IM NOT SHOWING IT TO ANYONE ITS TOP SECRET MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay also its kinda embarrassing cause i do look like im constipated or something.

Ooooooh and by any chance anybody goes there, there are these vendors in the square there and omg introing you guys to the coolest toy on earth kinda regret my childhood now like why didn i have this when i was a kid argggh.
Okay guess what is this. Looks dumb right. But i assure you its damn fun. Guessss......


Its like freakishly ginormous and cool!

Its as big as your head seriously, maybe a tiny kid could fit in it too like a really malnourished thin 9 year old kid.
And you rent the equipment so you dont bring that stuff around you cause its 2 sticks and it looks kinda stupid of you bring it around unless you plan to hit people with it la.

Oh and they give you like 300ml of bubble liquid but we kinda spilled it alot and splashed each other w it but it smells quite nice cause essentially its soap actually.

Ohkay so that concludes ma night out at the PUTRAJAYA and please people you should go see it if you guys have the chance. And google it too cause the google version sounds way better than my version. Oh and dont wear shorts like i did i kind regretted it cause well its a mosque area and kinda unrespectful i think but maybe im just oversensitive.


# 1 Cool Fish. ROAR.


So i would seriously love too lug along my ginormous DSLR for pictures everyday but seriously its honestly back-breaking cause its heavy. Like i know many dedicated bloggers dilligently lug along thier big-ass camera along but no joke that thing is expensive and fragile too like, seriously people im not the most careful person on earth.

So, what i actually mean to say is, DONT EXPECT TOO MANY PICTURES HERE.

Ohkay back to my life.

This is actually kinda an awesome diary like i can totally forgo writing a date since theres automatically a date printed there teehee.

Okay so whats going on in my life so far hmm.. FISH WITH ATTITUDE

Yea its an app you can get for free in the app store and it only cost like a lot of your time and maybe a lot of memory and ram on your phone too. BUT honestly its awesome like okay its actually a fish growing kind of game you know just breeding and feeding em fish and yea you are now going like YAWN sounds like a sucky game but HUMANS you should try it. ITS JUST TOO CUTE like seriously,


ANNNND im down to my 5th tank of fish and i feel awesome cause em' fishes are cool. Seriously, theres a cool fish too you know. And he works em shades like a boss.

Hahahah its a fun game.

OKAY what else. ROAR!

Seriously ROAR by KATY PERRY is also pretty rad heheh. It falls into the "radio music" genre which is kinda expected of her but swear the song sounds good. Like okay its better than TGIF seriously. Because now the lyrics actually mean something for once. But its kinda a typical Katy Perry song, like what you expect of her actually. 


Oh but honestly the emoticon thing is kind annoying in the lyric video i mean. LIKE PEOPLE PLEASE HOW HARD IS IT TO TYPE OUT THE WORDS. And okay maybe im backwards cause honestly i didnt understand what em' emoticons meant and i totally needed to google the lyrics.

Gossip Girl.

OKAY, i always wanted to end a post like that.
OH well.