# 4 Elysium. 90-day-geisha.


So Elysium. Hahahaha it was a totally spontaneous and crazy decision to watch it but yea imma glad i did it was a nice movie. So it was Friday and sorry i didnt post this up earlier cause i was kinda hungover whole day today. It was after college which was like 11am ( my timetable so totally rocks ) and i had wanted to go home for a nap cause seriously this was the first week of college back from sem break and after waking up at 12pm everyday for a month, waking up at 7am was really draining my energy i had to survive on nestle can coffee for an entire week. So i tookaway some rojak cause i planned to go home and eat. Then a friend invited me to yumcha and i couldnt decline since i had postponed this for 2 weeks already so i went to ss2 for drinks w friends. And you know i dont have a car so i had to wait for somebody to fetch me home but all they wanted to do was watch a movie and oh well i couldnt do anything.

So we went to Tropicana city mall for Elysium and since it was a spontaneous decision the movie already started so basically we missed like 5 minutes of it and idk i found it annoying. The movie was quite good honestly, it was better than Mortal Instruments i couldnt predict Elysium much. I ll give it a 8/10 considering its an apocalyspe movie which i couldnt predict as you know, apocalyspe movie are all kinda predictable like in the end all will be good. Everything was perfect by the end of the movie, that didnt change.

So im turning this into a blog of my day cause this was like the most interesting thing i did whole week. Aaaaannd i always have this problem of nobody fetching me home so Hsien Loong and gang went to Sunway College for some social event for accountants and too bad i had no car so i had to go there. Well i did catch up alot w Hsien Loong, in fact more than i actually needed to know but oh well you dont get to see old friends often. So the social event was exactly what i expected from a social event for accountants, kinda boring, but they served excellent lasagne for dinner and hahaha all is forgotten. Oooh and i met some old high school friends there also.

Right, and after that since i got bored i texted Teck and he called and said he was bored lets hangout so we went to Setiawalk to grab a beer and meet w Arv, his idea actually, but i paid for em beers. Annnd by some stroke of luck we met some old MCKL friends Loon and Jacks and hahah Loon was kinda drunk he was fun to watch. Got home around 12am  cause of insistent orders to come home NOW by my dad and honestly the details of the rest of the night is kinda blurry after drinks. Oh and guess what the pack of rojak i tookaway during lunch was still in my backpack and it made my bag smelled like nyancat had pooped in it, smelled like rainbows. Hey this is the famous rojak in ss15 that people queued up to buy of course it smelled good, all nutty and delicious.

Oh and that was my day.


So, 90-days-geisha is a kinda good book. And it sparked my interest in going to Japan cause honestly what i always thought of Japan was like this country where everybodys a genius there and i would be totally out of place there even though im perfectly asian but im nowhere near thier brainpower status and i cant speak Japanese la please its such a complicated language, though perfect for smart people because they need to know longer words to match thier brain status. So the book is about this angmo girl going to Japan to act as an hostess which is basically those girls selling beers,a except they dont sell beers instead they just sit there and look pretty and light the customers ciggerettes. And basically the book is about her adventures there. And now i think Japan is an effing cool place to go since you get to eat live squid omg wheeeee. I dont think anybody that hasnt read the book would understand me like you wont understand the amazing ness im feeling about going to Japan its like an uber cool party place. Maybe im still hungover, or maybe its the lack of sleep this entire week.

Not that im crazy or anything but comeon its cool you ll get to brag to your kids and friends when you get back home. And maybe since now i can drive i can do some cool Tokyo drift there.

Oh and i also watched the 40 year old virgin. Its a movie btw. Its cool to get into the brain of a 40 year old virgin geek, who is btw kinda handsome hehe.

Annd honestly its sucks cause im blogging through my TAB, and its impossible to upload any pics or videos or even putting in links to youtube or anything. So im so sorry for the lack of media.

Same to the last few post actully im too noob to know how to add in video links and pics. Or maybe im to lazy to use the computer. Sorrehh.

Toodles :)


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