# 2 Putrajaya


Hey so yesterday night me and Arv went to Putrajaya! Which for all of you snails that have been living in your shell and under a rock, its someplace cook in Malaysia, which considering the amount of coolness in Malaysia, Putraja cream of the crop of coolness. And it was damn spontaneous like around 7pm Arv just Whatsapp me like 'Hey wanna go out?' And honestly since i was stuck at home for like the entire day being cuddled to death by my dog Lucky i was like ' Take me outta this hellhole! '

So seriously i dint even know where were we going i just hopped in his car when he came at friggin 10.30pm! Wow come to think of it im kinda recklessly cool like i do car hopping hahaha maybe one day i ll be abducted by some psycho killer and i will just happily hop onto his/her car. Im rambling. Dont think i make any sense. My parents should be worried.

Oh yea Arv went for some massage before he came at 10.30 so while he gets rubbed all over by chinese girls all happily i suffocated in my dungeon of a room killing myself with more Fish w Attittude ( seriously those things waste a lot of time and we all know we have limited time on earth so essentially im killing myself ). Right okay here are the pics eh.

These pics were taken w Arvs sucky phone cause my phone sucks even more and seriously i look damn hideous, like im some kind of rare breed of asian vampire w a fat face.
This is the famous Putra bridge thing in Putrajaya and honestly its kinda cool it changes colour and all and its a SanFransisco bridge ripoff and this horrible pic of me doesnt do it justice at all.

Okay the real deal is so cool i really wished i brought my DSLR
AND it changes colour too. Coolballs rightt!!!?

Okay idk whats wrong w blogger or maybe its my problem but now all my text are center orientated.

Oooooh and we went to the Putra mosque also which is apparently floating on the Putra lake and okay while we were trying to get there we got kinda lost and we had to dependon google maps and according to its description of the mosque, you would have expected Taj Mahal like it was supposed to be made of rose gold marble and floating pristinely on a lake and all. But tbh i think all mosque looks the same no offence muslims. Maybe i just dont appreaciate architecture but they all have the dome shaped thing on top and they all are really big and nice so honestly the Putra mosque could be the Taj Mahal for all i know

Ohhh and we also went to look at the Prime Minister residence which is seriously huge

Okay unlike the other pic where i look like a fat vampire in this pic i look like a moose. And Arv made a meme out of it too. BUT IM NOT SHOWING IT TO ANYONE ITS TOP SECRET MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay also its kinda embarrassing cause i do look like im constipated or something.

Ooooooh and by any chance anybody goes there, there are these vendors in the square there and omg introing you guys to the coolest toy on earth kinda regret my childhood now like why didn i have this when i was a kid argggh.
Okay guess what is this. Looks dumb right. But i assure you its damn fun. Guessss......


Its like freakishly ginormous and cool!

Its as big as your head seriously, maybe a tiny kid could fit in it too like a really malnourished thin 9 year old kid.
And you rent the equipment so you dont bring that stuff around you cause its 2 sticks and it looks kinda stupid of you bring it around unless you plan to hit people with it la.

Oh and they give you like 300ml of bubble liquid but we kinda spilled it alot and splashed each other w it but it smells quite nice cause essentially its soap actually.

Ohkay so that concludes ma night out at the PUTRAJAYA and please people you should go see it if you guys have the chance. And google it too cause the google version sounds way better than my version. Oh and dont wear shorts like i did i kind regretted it cause well its a mosque area and kinda unrespectful i think but maybe im just oversensitive.



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