Thursday, May 22, 2014


It may be just me but I find people around me pretty shallow. Especially those who are like crazy popular, which I'm not, I'm the nerd hello I don't have much friends.

You may say, hey its just you hello if they're popular it means people like them and if people like them, they can't be shallow. Oh and since you're not popular anyway, you don't actually know them and maybe they're really awesome fun people inside. And why would anybody bother to be deep with you anyway, you're not important. Meh.

NO. I may sound really assholey and cocky in the following passages, but hey I'm just trying to make my point.

Let's look at some examples.

So, I've been stalking a couple popular kids at my school since well, they have crazy social media websites its so easy to stalk, and hey they're popular, its their life's dream to be stalked. Right, their replies to people are so BLEGH. Popular girls like to post their selfies, which heck I don't deny, they are crazy hot, but lets look at the comments shall we. So people would comment: " OMG XXX, YOU'RE SO PRETTY" and XXX would reply "People, THANK YOU, YOU TOO you're so gorgeous too." which okay is pretty normal, BUT EVERY SINGLE PICTURE THEY REPLY THAT, even though the person who commented literally looks like shit. Its like they're reading from a textbook: if person comment this, reply this.
So I stalked a few more, and all their replies pretty much mean the same thing. After going through a few pictures of them on Instagram, I could already predict their replies if somebody commented. I don't know why people even bother to comment anyway, said popular person would just reply from The Standard Popular People Replies textbook.

So, some popular kid at my high school started talking to me recently, since we use to be friends, but he got popular and kind of forgotten me, so he tweeted me, and gawd was it boring we were talking about universities, and colleges, and courses. Geez. Okay, he's the dude in this conversation, so he was leading it, I just responded accordingly. And maybe for some people its interesting to talk about college choices, but no, it really doesn't do anything for me. I don't think it would do anything for anyone, who would enjoy for example, in the middle of say, having intercourse, an in depth conversation about college choices, to turn them on, OKAY maybe those who work as college advisors.

Maybe its because I don't club, or smoke, or inhale drugs I guess, or maybe I'm not cool enough to be popular, since seriously, clubbing and smoking and all that shizz is what the popular kids all talk about, OOH and working out, I can't believe I forgotten that.

Another example, was FB messaging with some guy I just met, he's pretty popular, buff guy, a senior, clubs around with the popular girls, I guess he could be counted as popular, and so we chatted for like 5 minutes, and I already claimed I was sleepy and left the conversation. The entire conversation was about how he thought I was cute. It was just chock full of compliments, which sure I love compliments, but tideful of compliments just make me uncomfortable.

I think since they're popular they're used to girls throwing themselves at their feet. So with a few compliments, them girls would play straight into their hands. OR since popular guys only date popular girls, and majority of popular girls are insecure, just some compliments would make them totally fall in love and marry them and have their kids.

God is fair then. ugly people are smart and interesting as a survival instinct, whereas good looking and handsome people tend to not be very interesting, and a bit shallow. Natural selection, I guess. So, as being quite nerdy and smart, I guess I'm doomed to be ugly. But hey, at least in the future maybe, I would be earning big bucks, since I'm smart, so I could afford plastic surgery, and professional trainers and hairstylist, welp, there's hope there.

I'm so gonna ace sociology next semester. :) :) :P


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hey I'm back!

Yeap I've finished my finals and its a tragedy. Its been such a long time since I actually wrote anything I really miss writing all sorts of shit on all kinds of surfaces.

True now I'm on holiday but heck I'm busy. Since it was my birthday just 2 days ago I really really had to celebrate with friends.

I say that like I'm being dragged to celebrate, and yeap, I was totally dragged by my hair to celebrate  my birthday, cause honestly I don't get why birthdays need to be celebrated, like what's the big deal with popping out from my mom's womb that's not an accomplishment at all.

Although I say that, I am in fact truly thankful to my friends who actually remembered my birthday without the help of Facebook since my birthday ain't published there. So. Now I have to also remember all my friends birthday and remember to wish them. SEE ain't birthdays horrifying.

So day before my birthday went with the BF to some mamak for hookah, and he bought a slice of my favourite cake and when he came and fetch me, lighted it up in the car and sang. Damn that was sweet. He gave me a power bank too for my new phone.

So after that I went out again with friends for another round of hookah, and after that we went burger hunting. Which was cool, and extremely fattening.

Birthday itself was awesome too, had sushi for lunch, and after that dinner with the family and cake, and supper with friends and another round of hookah. Damn my lungs are so gonna wither and die.

So anyway, am watching Gossip Girl now, and yeap I know I'm outdated and all but I already finished all my Game of Thrones ( not really, I skipped a few episodes, but I read the book, so, that counts ) and I finished 10 seasons of Friends also. OOOH so am totally inspired by Dan to write more, so here goes.

Toodles for now

Its like 1:20 am in the morning, holidays totally screw up my internal clock time

OOOH and I've got a new phoneeee, so hello Twitter, I'm active again :)