Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aaaaaand hello everybody!

So today was kinda an okay day spent the morning studying calculus like crazy and god i still hate college no matter how much time i spend in it. People taking my course of engineering are just no fun, maybe thats why most engineers die forever alone. Honestly people taking mass comm or say business are so much more outgoing and easy to hangout with compared to deary sciencey people that die if thier calculators explode.

Not being a bitch here Im also categorized as sciencey person since arts bore me to death, no discrimination okay just came here to rant.

So real fun was after class when I went to Sunway and they had Christmas decoration up and around and OMG H&M in Sunway Pyramid is opening this Thursday EEEEEEK! Like finally a shop that I like in Sunway other than Cotton On cause honestly am kind of a cheapo and am not vain enough to spend like 100k on clothes. See told ya Im a sciencey nerd. I ll probably pay ransom if you kidnap my calculator.

So went and Shishaed after that and theres this place in SS15 that offers shisha in broad daylight which may seem wierd to some people but its perfect for me as parents are paranoid like crazy and wont let me out at night so had to find cool stuff to do in the afternoon yo. Other than sleeping that is.

So having calculus quiz tomorrow life just sucks never ending quizzes and tests to study for why did I choose a defree course argh Im just so frigging dumb now Im stuck with 1k ton of stress and yeaaaaaap. Study break next week tho Muahahaha :)

Monday, November 25, 2013


Heeeey Peeps

So blogger sucks as I just typed out a photo filled blog about my dog but what happened was I was blogging it on my tab and for whatever reason it just couldn't be published so totally not my fault here so Imma gonna just re type out what I was just rambling about.

So gonna brainvomit now since Im supposed to be studying history and I honestly can't muster the strength to move from sitting on the floor to the study table even it's literally 2 feet away and open the 5 inches thick history textbook and start reading.

Which most people may think I am crazy like why would any decent person would wanna sit on the floor that hurts my ass like agony due to the fact that I have totally nada booty curse my Asian genes rather than sitting on the RM 1k armchair with reclining features and total personal fan on my face. Okay I wanted to accompany my Lucky okay I ran out of dog food today and had to feed her Jacob biscuits for dinner and now I feel guilty enough to maybe permanently make my already flat ass even flatter by sitting on the flat flat floor. God knows the stuff I do for my dog.


And hey my double eyelids have monolidded themselves since have been sleeping late these few days. LIFE SUCKS like because Im Asian my eyes are already small okay well then I should have the privilege of sleeping late as I already have small eyes and they can hardly get any smaller BUT NO they have to lose their only redeeming factor as peepers by being monolids.

Oh right. AND HUNGER GAMES. I WATCHED IT LAST FRIDAY AND DIDN'T HAVE THE URGE TO POST EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I don't get it why people tend to feel the need to post every single detail of their lives on social media and okay this blog does not count as social media as I have not told a single soul Im writing a blog so yeap.

And okay. Hunger Games was ALRIGHT. Didn't deviate from the original story too much so I guess it was fine. I like directors or scriptwriters or producers or whoever that writes the movie fior Hunger Games as he she they it wrote it in the way that it fitted into 2 and a half hours and wrote in thier own scenes and dialogue and still could get all the main points of the story. Erm gonna give it a 8 1/2 out of 10. Hmmmm maybe 9/10 for Jen Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. OMG TOO GORGEOUS.

Okay one picture is so not enough too gorgeous. Why would anyone break up with Liam Hemsworth?

ARGH THEM EYES! They looked into my soul and know my darkest secrets. Hehe sorry fangirl *screams
Okay sorry I know these pictures are from Hunger Games and not Catching Fire.

So here goes a picture from Catching Fire.


Okay blame Google for the lack of pics I totally edited and took some pictures. Maybe I ll reupload this once I get the pictures sorted out. Or maybe not I have exams okay. Or maybe because I'm too lazy.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Being bored

Its a Monday morning and yes I am that lucky to be able to get a timetable schedule of MONDAYS that start at 2pm MUAHAHAHA.

And yea okay i came to write on this blog purely out of guilt as I totally had a resolution to write more but oh well have been neglecting this blog for a while hehe. And okay in my defence I was totally studying.

Thank God for autocorrect and lines under misspelled words cause I totally suck in spelling. Okay without autocorrect a typical passage of mine would look more like this:
Hello everubodeh what a nice day today is and phichsi is toatally boring and useless like seriusly who actually measures frequencis and lengths and time on a daily basis, like nobodeh. Unlike cheminstry which is actually a bit more useful omg.

Okay I am totally brainvomiting cause yeah I was studying Physics just now and Im kinda knackered.
Gosh finals  in 2 weeks.
And heck yea Im kiasu like shit and I do in fact plan to get at least 3.8 GPA hahah I know Im a total nerd dont judge me.

Oh by the way I just chopped off my hair and it was totally traumatising as I told em hairdresser I wanted like 2 inches off my waist length hair and she totally went ahead and chopped off 7 inches my hair is now shoulder length arrrgh
What is it about hairdressers that they totally cant judge length? It s like they missed counting class in kindergarten. They really need some Physics in their lives. Guess Physics useful after all.
And lets have some hairdressing memes to make this world a better place.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So recently been reading a lot of blog posts by other people and kinda got inspired and now i want to start typing out a couple blog posts again.

Im such a pig.

So anyways, I'm like 18 years old this year and seriously comparing to people on the net, my life is so uninspiring and tediously boring. Like normal girls my age would be going out every single day and decking themselves out in like ridiculously expensive outfit and are all immaculately groomed from head to toe, like perfect hair without even a hair out of place,nails that are crazily long and painted and studded with swarovski crystals all and make up with lashes as long as the Nile river all.

And honestly all i own is a hairbrush. And i don't even use it every day. For example, Im sitting in front of the computer now. Guess what im dressed in. Frigging pyjamas with pink bears saying "biscuit" on it and my hair hasn't been wash nor brush in one day and I have not been wearing a bra for nearly 12 hours. And today is a public holiday.

Kind feel like I'm wasting my "lovely youth". Since what I do everyday is pig out on Oreos and milk and watch 2 broke girls.

I dont know.

Feel like Im some 30 year old that has no boyfriend and husband and gonna be a spinster forever.

SO not cut out to be cool.


And I'm so disinclined tbo having plastic surgery so yea i think imma gonna be uncool my whole life.
Toodles, just wanna rant a bit cause I finished all my episodes of 2 broke girls and HIMYM and Big bang theory. And im not nerd enough to study on a public holiday.

OKAY sorry Im back again hehe. Was just reading Xiaxue's blogposts from like 2003 and heck kinda got inspired again. I mean she's like one of the most successful blogger i know and heck I really like her she's cool. And okay here's the deal, she's took nearly 10 years up to now to be this successful, which in a way is encouraging and depressing at the same time. Encouraging cause its like ohkay she worked her way up and her first few blogposts kinda ain't that interesting either and she didn't shoot to fame and she wasn't that pretty in the start. And depressing in the way like GAH 10 years down the road I ll be 28 years old thats practically AGES to actually be successful in any way ( and in my case as I'm not pretty nor cool nor intending to get plastic surgery maybe I ll need 20 YEARS to become successful.

AND I was depressed in the last few blogposts because I kind of broke up with my Best Friend because he liked me and life got complicated. And it was a pretty complicated and heart wrenching moments as we couldn't hangout and at the same time he's my best friend and I had a lot of tests at college and it was a couple of stressful and depressing weeks.
And anyways I don't know why anybody in my course bother with relationships as all of us are studying ENGINEERING and we are all gonna end up forever alone anyway. Or married to each other. Who said it was hard to explain? Hahaha found this on 9gag :D
Okay I'm lame.

And one last thing that has been bothering me. You guys know the MUSIC VIDEO of WAKE ME UP by avicii? Well of course you do who hasn't seen that music video and you know what, Avicii is coming to Malaysia in a few more weeks and I'm like effing dying to go because Malaysia likes to ban nearly every single artist that happens to be on tour and any artist/DJ/celebrity that manages to make it to Malaysia are like precious pearls and you have to go. Trouble is I'm broke like shit and tickets cost like RM100 over.

Oh yea I was talking about the music video. Seriously the little girl in that video can't be older than 10 years old and she's going to a rave party. And she has a tattoo. And she's so pretty. And I'm 18 years old and my mum doesn't trust me to go shopping with friends and totally banned me from getting another piercing. CAN this world be more unfair? Sometimes I think orphans are so lucky. They have a lot of friends since young and any success they achieve they can say they earned it totally. Yeah I know I should count my blessings and shits and all but yea think bout it. Oh yeah i know its a music video and all its fake and all but heck yea you music video people just made my life look more miserable than it already is.