Being bored

Its a Monday morning and yes I am that lucky to be able to get a timetable schedule of MONDAYS that start at 2pm MUAHAHAHA.

And yea okay i came to write on this blog purely out of guilt as I totally had a resolution to write more but oh well have been neglecting this blog for a while hehe. And okay in my defence I was totally studying.

Thank God for autocorrect and lines under misspelled words cause I totally suck in spelling. Okay without autocorrect a typical passage of mine would look more like this:
Hello everubodeh what a nice day today is and phichsi is toatally boring and useless like seriusly who actually measures frequencis and lengths and time on a daily basis, like nobodeh. Unlike cheminstry which is actually a bit more useful omg.

Okay I am totally brainvomiting cause yeah I was studying Physics just now and Im kinda knackered.
Gosh finals  in 2 weeks.
And heck yea Im kiasu like shit and I do in fact plan to get at least 3.8 GPA hahah I know Im a total nerd dont judge me.

Oh by the way I just chopped off my hair and it was totally traumatising as I told em hairdresser I wanted like 2 inches off my waist length hair and she totally went ahead and chopped off 7 inches my hair is now shoulder length arrrgh
What is it about hairdressers that they totally cant judge length? It s like they missed counting class in kindergarten. They really need some Physics in their lives. Guess Physics useful after all.
And lets have some hairdressing memes to make this world a better place.


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