Heeeey Peeps

So blogger sucks as I just typed out a photo filled blog about my dog but what happened was I was blogging it on my tab and for whatever reason it just couldn't be published so totally not my fault here so Imma gonna just re type out what I was just rambling about.

So gonna brainvomit now since Im supposed to be studying history and I honestly can't muster the strength to move from sitting on the floor to the study table even it's literally 2 feet away and open the 5 inches thick history textbook and start reading.

Which most people may think I am crazy like why would any decent person would wanna sit on the floor that hurts my ass like agony due to the fact that I have totally nada booty curse my Asian genes rather than sitting on the RM 1k armchair with reclining features and total personal fan on my face. Okay I wanted to accompany my Lucky okay I ran out of dog food today and had to feed her Jacob biscuits for dinner and now I feel guilty enough to maybe permanently make my already flat ass even flatter by sitting on the flat flat floor. God knows the stuff I do for my dog.


And hey my double eyelids have monolidded themselves since have been sleeping late these few days. LIFE SUCKS like because Im Asian my eyes are already small okay well then I should have the privilege of sleeping late as I already have small eyes and they can hardly get any smaller BUT NO they have to lose their only redeeming factor as peepers by being monolids.

Oh right. AND HUNGER GAMES. I WATCHED IT LAST FRIDAY AND DIDN'T HAVE THE URGE TO POST EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I don't get it why people tend to feel the need to post every single detail of their lives on social media and okay this blog does not count as social media as I have not told a single soul Im writing a blog so yeap.

And okay. Hunger Games was ALRIGHT. Didn't deviate from the original story too much so I guess it was fine. I like directors or scriptwriters or producers or whoever that writes the movie fior Hunger Games as he she they it wrote it in the way that it fitted into 2 and a half hours and wrote in thier own scenes and dialogue and still could get all the main points of the story. Erm gonna give it a 8 1/2 out of 10. Hmmmm maybe 9/10 for Jen Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. OMG TOO GORGEOUS.

Okay one picture is so not enough too gorgeous. Why would anyone break up with Liam Hemsworth?

ARGH THEM EYES! They looked into my soul and know my darkest secrets. Hehe sorry fangirl *screams
Okay sorry I know these pictures are from Hunger Games and not Catching Fire.

So here goes a picture from Catching Fire.


Okay blame Google for the lack of pics I totally edited and took some pictures. Maybe I ll reupload this once I get the pictures sorted out. Or maybe not I have exams okay. Or maybe because I'm too lazy.



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