Life is like a vacuum cleaner

Its sucking hard babe.
I dont't know. Im kind of an introvert to be honest and sometimes i don't like to be around people. Anddd im watching Switched at Birth while writing this. So yeap im kinda preoccupied.
Honestly there's no where for me to turn only did i needed to resort to spilling my thoughts over a blog post.
And thats because nobody ever read these post and its basically a journal and if anybody does read these it ll be maybe some japanese dude that may not understans what im saying exactly. Not being racist here, im asian too, im just being honest.

Well. Where to start.
I honesly don't get the thing about feelings? Like why on earth do people need ro have feelings?? They get hurt all the time, they get trampled on, they get shredded by other people. Why do people need to feel happy or sad or even angry?
All humans need is to be funny. So basically im saying feelings are trash, people just need to have personality.
Ohkay that makes me seem like a coldhearted bitch but yeap. Feelings suck. The only slightly better feeling is happiness, others are all negative.
Anger makes you crazy and turn you into the hulk.
Sadness is a bitch, go get a drink babe, get drunk it helps.
Love. Brings heartbreak, jealousy and sadness and all sorts of shitty feelings which the only good thing that comes out of love is maybe, sex? Which you can get just by like maybe 100 bucks?

And i don't understand how people can just spill thier feelings all over Twitter or Facebook. Isnt that a bit lack of attention? Like you are trying to bait people into saying yes omg you poor dear don't be sad theres alot of people who like you blah blah blah. Please do you think people like that are sincere? I honestly dont think so. Or maybe them people who post alot on social websites are really emotional people and anything they post are emotional spillage.

Life sucks. Gonna go hug the internet, watch youtube or some tv, cuddle with my trusty dog or if shes feeling stuck up or has bad breath, my pillow, get some hot milk and cookies (oooh my mom bought a ginormous bag of famous amos :)) and get a good nights sleep and wake up early tomorrow and go for a life changing jog and finally wash my hair.

Toodles babe.


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