I always intend to spend more time with my grandma.

She is just the cutest thing. I could describe her but she wouldn't be happy about it. She hates being old, the wrinkles, the liver spots, the being slow, the white hair. She doesn't like us paying any attention to all that.

But she loves us so.

Every time I go to her house, she would try, oh so very hard, to give us money.
I'll be like "No, popo, I have enough spending money, spend that money on yourself!"
And she'll respond with "I'm so old, I don't need so much money, I get money from interest in the bank."

She always thinks she's a bother, she walks really slow so she always feel like when she's out with us she slows us down.

My Popo is one of the strongest and most incredible woman I know. She got married when she was 16. And her husband died when her youngest child of six was three. And she single-handedly raised all of them.

She washed clothes for people, she started a business selling noodles, trying to make ends meet, and all that when she was barely 20.

I am 21 currently. What have I done.

She was also alive during the World War. When the Japanese invaded Tanah Melayu.

Her children grew up to be oh so successful. Many of us studied abroad.

So proud of her.

Yet, sometimes, we can't even muster the willpower to visit her at home, where she spends her days playing card games (by herself) and watching Disney channel (my aunt is a nanny).

And she only sees me once a year as I am in the States and I barely go home as home is too far.

She cooks for us though her hands shakes and trembles. She cooks for us though her daughter-in-law screams for her to stop messing up the kitchen.

My Popo, is the best.


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