Just chilling on a Saturday. Is it weird that I don't want to go out anymore? Though I am invited to parties, I just massively prefer not to go. I rather stay home and watch Fantasia. Which is what I am doing right now.

Have actually never heard of Fantasia, was just scrolling through Netflix and this just happened to be on there. Thought it sounded interesting so I clicked on it. Now I think I vaguely remember watching this when I was a kid. It's the best feeling though. Accidentally finding a movie that you watched as a kid but didn't remember it's name so you just assumed it's lost forever, then accidentally finding it when you're all grown up.

Wow. Fantasia is totally written by somebody who is high as fuck. Hm. Maybe I should get high and watch this shit. It would certainly make it super enjoyable.

Also totally forgotten how boring this is. I guess when you're a kid everything just seems so fascinating to you.

The music is good though. I remembered I was totally freaked out by the walking brooms when I was a kid. Actually, even now it's kinda freaky. In a dungeon with brooms that are trying to drown you? Yea that's some nightmare shit.

So, about life. Tried dating, in fact, the guy that invited me to a party happens to be this guy I had a date with. And well dating kinda sucks. It's just awkwardness and silence. It's a pretty good ego boost though.

Alright hey, at least I'm not depressed anymore.

Watching Love Rosie instead now. I hate movies like that, though it's super addicting, it's incredibly stupid cause it's so irrational and unrealistic really. It's fun to watch though.

I'm out. Just gonna post this.


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