I really am growing up.

This short 6 months of living by myself, away from family and friends really matures you up I guess.

Why would I think that? You may ask, you still are that adorable little girl with a baby voice.

Well the fact that I voluntarily woke up at 7.30 this morning and started reading news articles with coffee by my side makes me think that I'm pretty adulty.


I read this article yesterday that if you write down at least 400 words per day everyday, it really helps boost your thinking skills and creativity and learning process and etc etc.

Here goes.

Well actually. Truth to be told, I was supposed to volunteer at a middle school building an outdoor class room for the kids. But I missed the bus, so since I was already up, and I have a meeting in another 2 hours, I just made myself coffee and read the news.

Note to self: *Download and read to kill a mockingbird.

Is that 400 words already?

Honestly, I think good writers are good because they are able to open themselves and tell good stories. Since the main rule to a good story is being able to experience it yourself.

I'm literally just brain farting here.

Things to invent in the future:
Trendy raincoats that doesn't make you look like a dork. Cause umbrellas are practically useless; you still get wet even if you're using an umbrella. And umbrellas are super heavy to carry around.

Is that 400 words?

I think so.

Did you know I aspired to be a writer when I was a child?

You know in kindergarten, when the teacher made you write down your ambitions, I always either put down teacher or writer or nurse.

Yea. Tiny me was already a fickle minded little prick.



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