Hi. Yes I'm horrible at keeping resolutions.

Writing here on a Sunday morning. Talked to my parents this morning and it was great.

Funny how when I was back home I literally try to be away from my parents every single waking hour and now I feel so happy just to talk to them for 30 minutes every week.

Absence makes the heart grows fonder I guess.

I really should talk to them more though. They are paying my college tuition. And I kinda miss their nagging.


I'm like super curious if people actually legit party and go out and drink every weekend. Cause just being outside for just an hour everyday already makes me so tired I could just take 5 hour long naps just to recuperate.

So, just how do people have the stamina to non stop party the entire weekend? It really astounds me.

Maybe it is the friends. If I have good enough friends, who would drag me out every day, maybe I would party all weekend too.


Well today is designated study day. Shit is getting real next week as my third class starts and I will be a full time student with 9 credit hours to finish within a month.

Gonna caffeinate myself.


Oh btw writing this smoothie down for myself so I don't forget.

Tried freeballing a strawberry smoothie this morning and it was so fucking good. Today started off so damn good.

Cup of Strawberries
Cup of Silk Soy milk
2  Tbsp of Fage Greek yoghurt
Tbsp of Flax seeds
Tsp of CINNAMON  *Secret Ingredient Sh
As much honey as you like

This shit is good.

Future me please try this out often.


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